Apex Therapy Services Ltd.


 Areas of occupational therapy assessment and treatment include:-

 -Physical assessment and rehabilitation

· Cognitive and perceptual assessment and rehabilitation

· Behavioural difficulties

· Specialist seating assessments

· Sensory assessment and rehabilitation

· Visual assessment and rehabilitation

· Vocational rehabilitation

· Assessment for equipment and minor adaptations.

· Provision of equipment via customised accredited suppliers.

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and REBT techniques.

Apex Therapy Services Ltd does have access to other health professionals on a self employed basis, Speech and Language Therapy and Physiotherapy

If individuals would benefit from a holistic integrated team approach, assessment and treatment can be provided by the integrated multidisciplinary team.


Occupational Therapy treatment approaches can be delivered either through impairment based therapy or through functional task rehabilitation.

CBT and REBT techniques will be delivered through structured treatment programmes dependent on individual need.

For clients who require long term management (following their period therapy) we can offer an ongoing review and advice service.

 Additional services:

*functional electrical stimulation (FES)

· Upper limb FES* (OT)

· Lower limb FES (Physio)

· Augmentative assistive communication (SLT)

· Splinting (soft casting and thermoplastic) (OT)

· Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (OT)

· Training for families and carers (client specific)

· Specific topic based training.