Apex Therapy Services Ltd.


Apex Therapy Services Ltd fees are competitive with the charges made by other independent occupational therapists and other health professionals. Apex Therapy Services Ltd. also has access to assessments and rehabilitation by other health professionals on a self- employed basis. These professions are Speech and Language therapy and Physiotherapy. So if you/ your client require a multi disciplinary approach from an integrated team please enquire about the availability for assessment.

Occupational Therapy:

Initial consultation/ assessment period                                                    £90/ hour

Treatment sessions& follow up visits and associated administration.  £75/ hour or £45/ half hour

Reports                                                                                                        £75/ hour

Meetings                                                                                                      £75/ hour or £45/ half hour

Training                                                                                                      £75/ hour

Administration (phone calls, emails etc.)                                                 £75/ hour (charged per minute for short consultations)

Cognitive behavioural therapy  techniques in isolated sessions as a course of treatment.  £50/ hour

Additional Services:

Splints - individual needed due to materials   (costs include materials and charges as above).

Upper Limb FES (OT)/ Lower limb FES (Physio) -  individual quotes needed due to equipment (costs include equipment purchase and charges as above).

Constraint induced movement (OT) - individual quotes needed due to equipment (costs include equipment purchase and charges as above).

Assistive augmentative communication (SLT) - individual quotes needed due to equipment (costs include equipment loan or purchase and charges as above).


Travel                                                                         £45/ hour + 55p per mile


Review     The fees will be reviewed on an annual basis in March and any changes will be implemented the following month.

Terms      Invoices will be submitted on a monthly basis. It is required that payment is received by Apex Therapy Services Ltd. within 28 days. Payments can be made by cheque or by direct bank transfer.

 Due to every case being unique please enquire by either email or phone for an individualised quote for assessment and treatment on a case by case basis.